Kill a Cigarette and Save a Life - Yours!

These 3 anti-smoking ads are very striking using black and white with the slogan 'Kill a Cigarette and Save a Life - Yours'.


Dat Le said...

Nothing surprising or memorable about that campaign. I'm not even sure the tagline makes sense... Kill a cigarette? And save my life? How is destroying one cigarette going to save my life?

Cigarettes don't kill you in the same way that knives and guns do... it kills you in the opposite way.

The idea seems flawed.

- Dat Le

Anonymous said...

You clearly do not understand the point of this campaign. It is a good idea. Yes, you're right, smoking kills you slowly but the point is it kills you, and you may as well be committing suicide in one of these ways which would mostly be unthinkable in comparison to smoking.

daniellaprice30 said...

I really hope smokers would realize how non-smokers get the disadvantage when they absorb the second hand smoke. Smoking only gives them bad breath, brownish teeth and other health risks.

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